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[ 廣州] 化工行業業務經理一名

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Job Title: Senior Sales Executive/ Sales Manager (UPR)-----located in Guangzhou




Email: [email protected]

Mobile Phone:138 6237 0091; Tel: 0512-67622217-891



Apart from a strong sales skills and capabilities, qualified candidates will need to have worked in the UPR resin sales for more than 5 years and have very strong relationship with key/major UPR customers Candidates need to work with these customers to shorten the sales cycle by overcoming any hurdles related to resin sales within these accounts. Thus, s/he must have solid communication skills, sales ability,   and work well in a team, or independently. They must also be able to communicate effectively in a stressful yet results oriented environment. 


1)     To come up with a full UPR user customer list with visit and sales developing plan;

2)     To identify and visit UPR customers in the various sectors such as Wood paint, Casting, Synthetic Marble,  FRP, buttons and boating industry etc and to promote Continental UPR resins to the selected customers;

3)     To promote the identified products from continental UPR resin products range to identified customers and to realise sales in a most effective and speedy way;

4)     To propose a value proposal to attract potential customers in achieving sales;

5)     Marketing Information (customer side) Collection – this includes: 1) to develop a good market knowledge of our customers including customers’ business and their needs; 2) to identify and select the windows of opportunity for us in UPR resins through repeated and in depth customer visits; 3) to monitor CSGZs position relative to competitors and ensure competitiveness in the market.

6)     Marketing Information (competitor side) Collection – this includes: 1) to develop and collect a good information on competitors’ products, price and pricing behavior; 2) to create and seize the windows of opportunity for Continental where competitors may lack of competence in certain time.

7)     Collection – to make sure the customer’s payment is received on time


Company Profile:

XX is a leading producer of intermediate chemicals and specialty resins in Asia. They have over 100 different products, and are the largest producer of phthalic anhydride (PA) and plasticizers in Southeast Asia.Their products are used in the manufacture of a wide range of day-to-day applications and are sold across the United States, Australia, the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, South Asia and China.  (化工產品中間體及樹脂供應商,東南亞最大的苯酐及增塑生產商)Main Products: Intermediate Chemicals(中間體),plasticizer(增塑劑),Water Based Resins(水溶性樹脂),Solvent Based Resins(溶劑樹脂),Unsaturated Polyester Resins(不飽和聚酯樹脂),

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